Tattoo Style

Tattoos – From Social Taboo to Social Fashion

Tattoos once were the sole providence of convicts and sailors; now they’re as much of a fashion symbol as a pair of jeans, sunglasses or high heels. Many social networking ...

Maori Carving

Tattoo Traditions Around the World

There are still cultures around the world that treat tattoos with reverence and respect. A far cry from the oftentimes meaningless and sometimes regrettable ink everybody and their grandmother dons ...

A Tattoo to Save Your Life

People get tattoos for any number of reasons: as a fashion statement, to commemorate an important event or person, as personal art or just for the hell of it. Many ...


Tattoo Friendly Jobs

The following is a list of tattoo friendly employers that we’ve put ...

Employers With No Visible Tattoo Policies

We will be combing the Internet and keeping our ears open for ...

Marine Corps Tattoo Policy

If you want to be one of the Few and you have ...

Latest News

Prison Tattoo Trends

Prison Tattoos: The Jailhouse Tattoo Trends That Went Public

By: Trip Albagdadi Getting a tattoo in prison is illegal in the United States but that hasn’t stopped thousands of inmates from developing creative ways to get inked over the last fifty years. Mechanical pencils, paperclips, magnets, guitar strings and staples are just a few of the implements used by prisoners to apply tattoos. They’ve […]

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Getting Tattoos Abroad

Tattoo Tourism: Getting Inked While Traveling

by Sian Morgan: It is becoming increasingly popular to add to your tattoo collection whilst visiting a foreign country or as part of your travels. There are many places that have tattoo culture to thank for a boost in their tourism industry. Popular destinations for their traditional tattooing methods include Far Eastern countries: • Tahiti […]

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Tattoos in Australia

Australian Tattoos: The Love Affair With Tattoos Down Under

By Trip Albagdadi: For over 40,000 years Australia was inhabited by nomadic Aboriginal tribes. Many of these Aboriginal tribes decorated their bodies with ceremonial tattoos. These tattoos conveyed information about the individual as well as the tribe they belonged to. Both the neighboring Samoan islanders and the Maori people of New Zealand have long standing […]

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Tattooing Techniques

Tattooing Techniques From Around the World: Tools of the Trade

By Emma Clark: Tattooing is an ancient practice that has been recorded in every culture across the world. It is today a very common sight and something that has become more and more socially accepted as the years have gone by. Where did it begin though and what are the techniques and methods used around […]

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Sailor Jerry

Who Was Sailor Jerry: A Tattoo Pioneer

By: Emma Clark Who was Sailor Jerry? Sailor Jerry, the name given to Norman Collins, the father of old school tattooing and a legend in tattooing history. He acquired the name ‘Jerry’ after his father noticed his trouble making son had similar characteristics to the family’s crabby mule, and after spending almost a decade at […]

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