No Visible Tattoo Policy

Employers With No Visible Tattoo Policies

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No Visible Tattoo Policy

No Visible Tattoo Policy

We will be combing the Internet and keeping our ears open for all of the companies with no visible or restrictive tattoo policies and posting links and information about their policies here. We will do everything we can to make sure the information listed here is accurate, but we can’t guarantee it.

Many of these employers actually endorse our Ink Armor sleeves.  Tat2X also offers group discounts to employers who qualify. We are proud to help thousands of professionals protect their ink from the sun and their boss. We can help you get the job you deserve!

If you know of a tattoo policy at a company we don’t have listed, let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


  • Abercrombie and Fitch – no visible tattoos
  • Albertson’s Grocery Store – no visible tattoos (some locations OK)
  • Aldi – no visible tattoo policy
  • AMC Theaters – no visible tattoos
  • Banfield Veterinary Hospital (associated with Petsmart) – no visible tattoos
  • Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World – no visible tattoos
  • Bath & Body Works – no offensive visible tattoos
  • Best Buy – no visible tattoos (will vary depending on store manager)
  • Best Western Hotel – no visible tattoos
  • Blockbuster Video – no visible tattoos
  • The Body Shop – no visible tattoos
  • Borders Book Store – tattoos ok
  • Burger King – no visible tattoos
  • Calvin Klein – no visible tattoos
  • Cato Fashions – no visible tattoos
  • CEC Entertainment | Chuck E. Cheese – no visible tattoos or piercings.
  • The Cheesecake Factory – no visible tattoos
  • Chick fil A – strict no visible tattoo policy (also strict about piercings and hair color)
  • Chili’s – non offensive tattoos OK
  • Circle K – no visible tattoos or piercings
  • Coco’s Bakery Restaurant – no visible tattoos
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – no visible tattoos
  • Comcast Cable – no visible tattoos (if a person has direct contact with the public)
  • Costco – no visible tattoos
  • Crabtree & Evelyn – no visible tattoos
  • Dairy Queen – no visible tattoos
  • Denny’s Restaurant – no visible tattoos
  • DirectTV – no visible tattoos
  • Dish Network – no visible tattoos
  • Disney Store – no visible tattoos
  • Earthbound Trading Company – tattoos and some piercings OK
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car – no visible tattoos
  • Express Fashions – no visible tattoos
  • Fairmont Hotels and Resorts- no visible tattoos (might be ok after you’ve worked a couple of months)
  • Friendlys and Friendlys – no visible tattoos
  • Gamestop – non-offensive tattoos OK
  • Geico Insurance – no visible tattoos
  • GNC General Nutrition Center – no visible tattoos, but no tattoo policy
  • Home Depot – allows non-offensive visible tattoos and unusual hair colors (no facial piercings though)
  • In-N-Out Burger – no visible tattoos
  • KFC – no visible tattoos
  • Kohl’s Department Stores – tattoos ok
  • Life Care Centers of America – no visible tattoos
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza – no visible tattoos
  • Marriott – tattoos up to 2″ x 2″ in size OK
  • McDonalds – no visible tattoos
  • Movie Gallery – no visible tattoos
  • Nationwide Insurance – tattoos ok (IT staff or others who do not have direct contact with the public)
  • Office Depot – no visible tattoos
  • Olive Garden – no visible tattoos
  • Oreganos Pizza Bistro – no visible tattoos
  • Outback Steakhouse – no visible tattoos
  • Palm Beach Tan – no visible tattoos
  • Panera Bread – no visible tattoos (some locations OK)
  • Pearson Carpet Care (TX) – no visible tattoos
  • Petsmart – new policy in place allowing “appropriate” tattoos & piercings
  • Pier 1 Imports – no visible tattoos
  • Pizza Hut – no visible tattoos
  • Planet Fitness – visible tattoos OK (no offensive tattoos)
  • Princess Cruise Lines – no visible tattoos
  • Queen Mary 2 – no visible tattoos
  • RadioShack – no visible tattoos
  • Red Robin Restaurant – no visible tattoos
  • Red Lobster – non offensive visible tattoos OK
  • Regal Entertainment Group – no visible tattoos
  • REI – non offensive visible tattoos OK
  • Ross Dress for Less – no visible tattoos or facial piercings
  • Safeway – no visible tattoos
  • Sheetz – no visible tattoos
  • Starbucks – blog post on a tattoos and piercings poll result and their current policy (no visible tattoos)
  • Six Flags Amusement Parks – no visible tattoos
  • Starwood Hotels – no visible tattoos
  • Suncoast Motion Pictures – no visible tattoos
  • Sunglass Hut – no visible tattoos
  • Swiss Chalet – no visible tattoos or piercings
  • Teavana – tattoos and piercings ok
  • Toys “R” Us – no visible tattoos
  • Tuesday Mornings – no visible tattoos
  • UltraStar Cinemas – no visible tattoos
  • Unites States Postal Service – some tattoos OK – policy varies between branches
  • Van Heusen – no visible tattoos
  • VCA Animal Hospitals – no visible tattoos
  • VNA of Care New England – no visible tattoos
  • Victoria’s Secret – no visible tattoos (some locations OK)
  • Yankee Candle – no visible tattoos or piercings
  • Zaxbys – no visible tattoos or piercings


Police Departments:

  • Chicago Police Department, Illinois – no visible tattoos
  • Dallas Police Department, Texas – no visible tattoos
  • Des Moines Police Department, Iowa – no visible tattoos
  • Honolulu Police Department, Hawaii – draft policy being written
  • Houston Police Department, Texas – must cover arm tattoos
  • Huntsville Police Department, Alabama – no visible tattoos
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California – no visible tattoos
  • San Diego Police Department, California – must cover arm tattoos
  • St. Louis Police Department, Missouri – no visible tattoos. Some officers sent home because their tattoos were showing!

School Districts:

Let us know if we need to add anyone to our list of employers with no visible tattoo policies!

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  2. Nick

    Not sure about this been to a few of these places and seen tattoos. So it’s always worth checking out in person.

    1. Trip

      Nick, Your totally right. The policies change from time to time and sometimes it even depends on the immediate store manager. So in some cases the tattoo policy will vary between stores or restaurants in the same company or chain.

  3. Rene Isaacs

    CHUCKY CHEESE. Just got denied even filling out an app because of my small forearm tattoo.

      1. Cristy

        Just curious about hand tattoos, hoping for the Direct TV installer but he has hand tattoos. He also has sleeves but they can be covered. Just worried about hands. Does anyone know?

        1. Lala

          Bucee’s will not hire people with visible tattoos, even if it is covered up. My daughter’s interview ended after she was asked if she has a tattoo on her forearm.

  4. Tatmom

    I work at Little Caesars and we all have tattoos there!! Including the manager!! He’s sleeved out!

  5. TruthfulExperiences

    I have half sleeves on both forearms and landed a job at Chuck E. Cheese back in 2007. I worked in the back making pizzas and I was required to wear long sleeves at all times. In fact, every job I’ve ever had where tattoos were an issue, I always got because I interviewed with my tattoos covered (wore long sleeves, even in the summer), impressed the person interviewing me, got hired, then asked about their tattoo policy and dressed accordingly. Most places will not deny you a job if your personality supersedes your image. Especially if you are willing to follow dress code standards. I honestly prefer to keep my tats covered now (as I am an aging former punk and personally don’t care for that image any longer), and find it easy to coexist with a clean cut image.

    1. Trip

      Very well put, we actually get quite a bit of feedback from retail sales staff that also state they prefer to keep their ink covered while at work. Some claim their commissions are better when their ink is covered. Many of them love their tattoos but feel they are a personal choice and don’t like being judged based on them.

    2. Katlyn Joyce Evine

      I am a personell manager for over twenty companies. While some of our companies allow tattoos and peicings and others do not, we have found that people without them generally stay employed with us longer and are more productive workers overall. My personal opinion is that people wth visible tattoos and piercings excercise poor judgement and decision making skills. We do have the right to discriminate and not hire someone if they are covered with body modification and will continue to do so. If you think that that will change because more and more people are getting them, think again. The ability and will to disciminate with regard to tattoos and piercings will continue far into the future. This should make you consider your prospect for future employment.

      1. Kayla

        Wow, what kind of statistics do you have on tattoos and work ethic? Or is that just your pre-disposed opinion? ? people like you. ?‍♀️

      2. Katie Vance

        I would not want to work for someone like you that seems so judgemental and ignorant. That’s sad that you claim simply because someone has tattoos means they have bad work ethic. How pathetic.

      3. Elisabeth R.

        Wow, Katlyn Joyce Evine, (I’ll just call you “Karen”), I’m not sure where you get your statistics, but am not that curious either, because you obviously are basing it on your personal prejudices. Or perhaps at your place of employment, employees with tattoos don’t stay very long because they realize what a judgmental bitXX you are and they find a better job. I personally prefer to judge people based on how they behave and treat other people and not on my own preconceived notions. You seem to be on a really high horse, Karen, but there are many better educated, higher paid, and most of all more likeable tattooed people out there, in ALL professions that prove all your antiquated assumptions wrong.

  6. Greg

    You can have tattoos at Abercrombie & Hollister, I work there I have tattoos including neck.

      1. Johnson

        Petsmart just recently changed their policy and now allow tattoos to be shown.

        1. Trip

          Thanks for the tip on Petsmart. We checked it out and updated the list above. It looks like they allow “appropriate” tattoos and piercings.

  7. tiffany

    Yankee Candle is a no piercing – no tattoo work environment. Worked there for four years and eventually left because I got a customer complaint about my owl tattoo on my forearm because she could see through the material of the long sleeve.

    1. Trip

      Tiffany, Thanks for letting us know. We’ve added them to the list. Can’t believe the customer complained that they could see your tattoo through the long sleeve.

  8. gabrielle

    I have an interview Monday at a Red Robin in Northern California. It is a new store opening? Do you know if their policy is still being strictly enforced?

    1. Trip

      Sorry for the delayed response. I hope your interview at Red Robin went well. Let us know if they still strictly enforce their tattoo policy.

  9. Tammy Moore-Franke

    I work for Cabela’s The Worlds Foremost Outfitter and they have a tattoo and piercing policy as well.
    Tattoos must be covered and cannot show so I purchased a set if forearm sleeves to wear and my GM approved them.
    Piercings are not allowed with the exception of 2 earrings per earlobe, all others must be removed.
    In today’s society many people have tattoos and piercings, however in order to have and maintain a job (which are hard to come by now) one must do what is necessary in order to provide for themselves and families. It’s a small price to pay but it’s only for a few hours a day.

  10. Amber Dawn Winkelmann

    The visible piercing issue is somewhat understandable for functional – reasons (no one likes metal or plastic accidentally falling in their food – thought I think that happens far less often than some would like to admit). The ban of non-offensive content tattoos however is not understandable, a rose is a rose right? So if someone draws an image of a flower on paper & it does not offend you, yet if it is permanently affixed to their flesh it does then you are strongly implying that the problem is them / their skin (& they as an individual – even if the tattoo was removed – would still be the same person).

    This form of prejudice basically boils down to **skin color** – making it just a hop skip & a jump from racism. “Oh but people can’t help / change the ethnic group they were born into” as your defense… Problem with that is that today – & for the past few decades – people **can** change their skin color with; laser light treatment, spray tans / skin& hair dyes – for those with albinism or piebald medical variations, medications like 8-methoxyposralen. People can also alter their hair texture with chemicals that are caustic or wear a wig / toupee (which most employers don’t ban (a wig falling off in my food is *at least* equally disturbing as a piercing).

    Some may say that they fear people with tattoos harbor illness – yet is on shaky ground too – as this is a state that requires BBP cert, so barring prison tats (that would show in a background check that an employer who claims to be so particular would perform) Yes this is coming from someone with tattoos & piercings (who will likely get more somewhere down the road as it suites me) that also donates blood (95185 Centura Health blood donor #), abstains form narcotic & dangerous legal highs, & shuns numerical promiscuity.

    Educational Link for the excessively naive…

    Amber Dawn Winkelmann

  11. John

    Was just denied a job at Disney because my tattoo cannot be concealed by “costume” (short sleeved polo). So it’s not just Disney Store, any position other than Bugs Bunny.

    1. Author


      That’s tough! I know Disney has some of the strictest rules. I’ve heard you can’t grow a thick beard either.

      1. John

        They require a clean shave or a minimum beard length. Which means you have to take vacation to grow your beard out

  12. Dani

    I’m being turned away from interviews left and right due to my hair, tattoos (the few that are visible are very small), and two innocent little lip piercings. It’s so frustrating. I know a lot of you say to do what you have to do to get a job, and that it’s only for a few hours, but when the issue is tattoos and/or hair color, it’s really not as simple as “taking them out” for a few hours. Unfortunately I’ve realized it will always be a challenge when it comes to work, but it is absolutely worth it to be able to be myself.

    1. Author


      I love that you are not changing yourself in order to fit into a specific job or workplace. Sometimes it’s tough out there because people want you look a certain way etc. Keep looking and you’ll find an employer than will hire you based on your work ethic and talent rather judging your appearance. Good luck with the search!

    2. Alyssa Phillips

      You just took the words out of my mouth. I’m sleeved up and I think the exact way. Just had to explain to my dad that I’m not changing who I am to fit a certain cookie cutter look. I will never take a job that has a no tattoo policy!

  13. Lizzy

    I’m completely with Dani! If my tattoos and piercings are what you’re judging, rather than my character and personality, do I really even want to work for you? It is very tough finding a respectable employer with my non-offensive finger tattoos, stretched ears and facial dermal, but they make me who I am. I’d rather be myself and enjoy myself opposed to masking my true being. I’ll find somewhere permanent eventually and it’ll all be worth it. Just gotta push through the crappy retail positions for now!

    1. Author


      Keeping pushing to be yourself… the world out there makes it tough to stay true to your soul sometimes.

  14. Steph

    Cabelas. Our cashier had black band on his forearm. I assumed it was covering a tattoo. I asked. He said it was a Marine eagle emblem. I asked if he was a Marine, and he said “yes, for 8 years”. He said Cabelas has a strict no tattoo policy. Have to admit, first time I’d encountered this and was surprised that an outdoors store would want a Marines tattoo covered.

  15. Natasha

    Ross dress for less recently updated the policy they had. As long as it’s not inappropriate it’s fine 🙂

    Marriott has a no visible tattoo policy and no more than one hole per ear (nothing else pierced) the one I worked at (for tattoos) wasn’t to bad as long as corporate wasn’t there

    Planet Fitness in general has a no tattoo policy but it varies by store ours thankfully allows ink

  16. Estefania

    Home Depot allows tattoos and different hair colors. Piercings are allowed as well as long as they’re not on the lips.

    Thank you for letting us know about Kohl’s! Just scored a second job there! Hopefully they’re cool with hair being dyed different colors because I really want to do green for the Joker. I’ll find out Monday 🙂

  17. Matt

    Safeway/Albertsons/Vons (few months back) changed their dress code to allow visible tattoos as long as they are not offensive.

    1. Author

      According to our research Target does allow visible tattoos as long at they are not inappropriate. If you want to be safe you could still cover up for the interview. Good luck!

  18. Courtney

    I just got a job at Field and Stream and I have a tattoo on my upper arm on the inside and I haven’t had any issues with it. Another guy has a large tattoo on his wrist. I have to cover it up for my other job at ACM labs.

  19. MsKat

    I’ve noticed that even in many places in the list that are no tattoo environments, many of the employees I see have tattoos and even piercings. But, I know why: In the area where I live and shop, if they didn’t hire these people, many of them would be chronically understaffed. I’ve seen it happen time and time again- they hire some people who fall within their visual policies, and they don’t last very long because the job they do sucks. Meanwhile, the tatted pierced person in the same department works their a** off and does a great job. While I understand barring offensive tattoos (my meaning of offensive is, if it’s something that is not allowed on TV for public viewing, it shouldn’t be shown to the general public on anyone’s body either), I think perhaps the whole tattoo and piercing policy needs an overhaul now. If pierced and tatted people are allowed to shop in a store, the employees should be allowed to wear these things as well.
    And for the person who worked at Yankee Candle who had a customer complain because they could see her tattoo through her shirt sleeve- seems to me like that customer was doing everything else besides shopping for candles if she could see the owl on her arm through her sleeve. Gosh.

    1. Author

      You are totally right… having tattoos doesn’t have any reflection on how hard you work.

  20. Isaiah

    Marriott hotels allows small tattoos to be visible. I believe it was limited 2″x2″.

  21. William

    Outback Steakhouse does not allow visible tattoos as far as I know, unless they have updated their policy. It may have been a franchisee policy. I’m not sure. I had to wear armbands and tape off eight of my fingers due to knuckle tattoos(non-offensive BTW).

  22. MsKat

    May be a Franchisee thing, either that or nobody without tattoos wants to work at my local Outback. The Sous Chef they had there for years was covered in tattoos, and he often had to wait tables when they were short. They never made him cover up. Tats everywhere but face and hands.

  23. CHash

    Sheetz does not allow tattoos to be shown, unless you work somewhere that you won’t be in contact with the public. the same Goes for Seven eleven and shell and Exxon Mobile and BP. these are all gas stations.

  24. CB

    Palm Beach Tan Just changed their uniform policy and now tattoos are prohibited from being seen

  25. Brebre

    What is IHOPs tattoo and piercing policy? i have a nosering and a visible tat on my chest that goes a little beyond my collarbone on to my neck

    1. Author

      Hey there, I just called the local IHop and they said employees can have tattoos but have to cover them with long sleeves or clothing or sleeves. They didn’t give me an answer regarding nose rings; so it might just depend on the manager at each location… good luck!

  26. Orrie

    I have Tattoos on both my hands, forearms, throat, and small tats under both my eyes And have worked at a few places on ur list of “no visible ink” granted they were not corporate stores they were all privately owned franchises. It’s always worth dropping an app especially if you are having a hard time finding employment.

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  28. Emily Dinges

    I am thinking of getting a tattoo and my store is listed but it says no offensive visible tattoos. what does that mean? Like all tattoos or just ones that someone might find insulting?

    1. Author

      Your totally right that what is offensive to some might not be offensive to others. I have a friend that has to cover up the naked lady on his forearm because he works at a school. I have another friend that has to cover the bloody zombie on his bicep just because it grosses his co-workers out. If you’re just getting a design… flowers, colors, trees, ships etc. you might be just fine.

  29. Tabatha malone

    That is descrimination for people with tattoos.we work just as hard as anybody else.that is so not fair!!

    1. Author

      You’re totally right… it’s not fair. Unfortunately, employers can discriminate based on appearance. They can’t discriminate based on age, gender or race.

      1. Tattoos Are Dumb

        Unfortunately?? No, it is very fortunate that in America, you have a right to be OK with them AND others have a right to want to have their companies have an image of whatever they want it to be. Including having their employees abide by a dress code that includes not having to be distracted by tattoos.

  30. Anonymous

    I worked for Diamond Resorts International in 2015 and early 2016 and they very strict policies against tattoos and piercings. They also have a list of approved nail polish and hair colors.
    I think that some locations are stricter on enforcement than others.

    1. Author

      Wow, nail polish and hair colors sounds really strict. Thanks for the info.

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  32. Kelly

    GEICO is very tattoo and piercing friendly if you are not working directly with the public. Even then, they are pretty relaxed, but it depends on the region you work for. Thank you for compiling this list. Is it okay if I cite this post in my blog?

    1. Author

      Thanks we’ll add Geico to the list. Of course you can cite this page! Thanks.

  33. Phil Thomas

    Chick-Fil-A has a no visible tattoo policy. I worked there for two years. I have a tattoo but its on my upper arm so it isn’t a problem. However, a friend of mine got a tattoo on the underside of her forearm. She didn’t get fired or anything, she just had to wear sleeves, a jacket, etc.

    1. Author

      Thanks for letting us know. Most employers will let you cover up your ink at work with a sleeve or makeup or clothing. We’ll add Chick-Fil-A to the list.

  34. Jess

    Tuesday Morning has a no visible tattoo policy, the location I worked for allowed me to wear a fitted/spandex plain long sleeve under my uni top (forearm piece) but the majority of locations aren’t ok with any ink; no visible piercings except ears (limited to one lobe piercing per side)
    You just made my application process easier, thanks.

  35. Jessika

    Ross Dress For Less has a no visible tattoo or piercing policy, all the stores I’ve seen have associates who just wear long sleeves no matter the weather so tattoos are ok covered

  36. Gryffin

    Best Buy has a general no tattoos/no piercings , but the GM of each store can make the final decision. When I worked there they had no problem with my tattoos or my lip piercings.

    Chickfila is extremely strict about tattoos, piercings and hair color.

    Walmart allows non-offensive tattoos on third shift only. But I know their policy seems to vary from store to store.

    Aldi doesn’t allow tattoos, not sure about their piercings policy.

  37. Heather

    Sam’s club has no problem with tattoos as long as they’re non offensive. I have a full chest piece, covered arm, wrists and legs and work in customer service.

  38. Jman

    Im currently in college looking towards eventually being a corporate lawyer. I want a half sleeve from my shoulder to right above my elbow. Would that be ok?

    1. Author

      I don’t think most law offices go strapless at work. The shoulder seems OK to me but I’m not a lawyer… down to the elbow might be a bit much… why not call a law firm as ask what their policy is? Good luck!

  39. lee

    Waffle house is now starting a policy on the size of visable tatoos. I belief they have to be less than an 1 1/2 inches

  40. kayl

    You can have visible tattoos at Coffee
    Bean. I’ve worked there for 2 years, and I have a few visible tattoos

  41. Stephen

    FedEx Office is pretty relaxed about ink. Nothing offensive, of course, and not on your face. I think the policy was updated a couple of years ago from being no visible tattoos. I think the piercing policies are more strict. If I remember right, it is no more than two piercings in each ear and limited to small studs for the nose. I think lip rings are banned on the clock. Large openings in ear lobes need to be plugged.
    I work there, but don’t have any tattoos or piercings.

    1. Author

      I had a friend that worked and FedEx and it’s definitely gotten more relaxed over the years. Thanks for letting us know!

  42. T-MAR

    I think Costco varies from location to location. In the city I live in and surrounding areas there are 4 costcos and all of them have many employees with large visible tattoos. But I don’t know about other states.

  43. Mary

    I work at walmart, they allow tattoos on ALL shifts, long as they are NOT offensive. Pericings are also allowed, as long as they are not offensive, (what is consider “offensive” is left up to management) what has been seen is studs in upper and lower lips and nose or the bull rings. Basically nothing big and huge hanging out of your face is cool, small studs are fine on your face and your good, however, this prob varies from walmart to walmart, so I’d check before applying(our’s just began allowing the face piercing a few months ago, the tats have been allowed for years)!

  44. Leslie

    Waffle House now allows tattoos and piercings but is it to a limit? For instance only 1 facial piercing?

  45. Sara C

    Jimmy John’s Sub Shops require that no tattoos be visible. They also limit piercings and size of gauged ears. That is at least true at the corporate stores and most franchises.

  46. Fawnda

    I just recently got a job, at New York & Co. Apparently they have a strict no tattoo or piercing policy. It’s not fair, but I need to work…

  47. Franziska

    Black Walnut Cafe Allows Visible Tattoos – BUT NO facial piercings or more than 2 earrings per ear!
    Levis Allows Visible Tattoos and Facial Piercings!
    Avenue Plus size Clothing – No Visible Tattoos ( depending on the Manager – I had mine showing)

  48. Amanda Fox

    Red Robin (as of Jan 2017) allows visible tattoos along with minimal face piercings.

    1. Author

      Sorry, we did a bunch of searching but couldn’t find a clear answer on what the policy is there. If you find out we’d love to hear back. Thanks.

  49. Vinny Loglio

    LA fitness does not allow Visible Tattoos, piercings and must be clean shaven!!!!

  50. Hailey

    Any info about arbys policy? Just got a call for an interview but I have two arm tattoos and I am a little worried.

    1. Author

      Woah… How do they define brightly colored hair? What if you’re born with bright hair?

  51. Glaxz

    Buddy’s home furnishings has a no visible tattoo policy & are strict about piercings.

    1. Author

      Thanks for letting us know… this page is getting pretty comprehensive.

    1. Author

      I’m pretty sure it varies from location to location and also varies depending on your job role. Most customer facing jobs at Hilton have some tattoo restrictions.

    2. Thomas

      If you work in the call centers for Hilton then there is not policy as long as they aren’t offensive. my arms are covered and I was fine.

  52. Dan

    Sears Holdings Corp. (The call centers) allow tattoos and unnatural hair. I’m planning tattoos and dye my hair every other shade in existence, they’re fine with it. In store for Sears and KMart, no tattoos or unnatural colours.

  53. Jennifer Cuellar

    Cracker Barrel has a no visible tattoo policy. Also no piercings other than the ear life and no dangling earrings. No piercings for guys period

    1. Author

      Again, not sure… anyone work at Big Lots? I would think colorful hair is no biggie… but then again you never know.

  54. Eli

    Factory connection will not allow visible tattoos. You can be written up. It’s a small chain of clothing stores throughout the us.

  55. Brad Ruud

    Sad humans are still so shallow to judge a another because they have visible permanent skin art. Can’t wait for this terrible species to be eradicated from this poor planet.

  56. J. Allen Hewitt

    just to shorten things up, as a rule of thumb, think about if you were the boss of a company, you DON’T have employees, you have “company representatives”, your business’s success is based on repeat services and/or sales, to accomplish this, you have to convince the potential customers that YOU are the right company as compared to your other competitors, that is where the most important part of your company, your employees/representatives !!! as sad as it may be, people DO judge based on appearance and not what’s inside, in business even more so, your representatives attract a certain kind of customer base parallel to how they represent themselves, so think what kind of business you want to run and what kind of customers you want…
    that is your list !!!, even if you get into a semi decent job, that gal who has your same experience, skill and started the same day is more likely to get those raises and promotions just because she has her ink hidden out of site while on the clock, consider that also when considering where to slap your ink on.

  57. Peter Letzgus

    Circle K let’s you have tats. Every morning when I get my coffee. The cashier has sleeves to the knuckles, neck and small face. She is also the asst. Manager.

  58. Richard Naquin

    Tertebonne parish sheriff’s office in Louisiana. No visible tattoos. Can work of covered up. Does provide long sleeve uniform.

  59. Kbabez

    Kroger, tattoos ok for associates (non offensive), and hair color and piercings up to store manager. management has to keep covered.

  60. Michael C Staines

    Does Anyone know if cintas the uniform company has a tattoo policy?

  61. Christy

    BBVA Compass. I used to work for this bank for 9 years. I do not know about their policy, but management made one of the customer service reps take out facial pericing. Our building of 400 people does not work facing customers except through the telephone. It is a secured location where visitors have to sign in. In all my 9 years there, I think I saw one person with a small tattoo on their wrist or back of the neck. Definitely no facial piercing except that one girl who had them a week after she started the job and management made her take them out.

  62. Amanda Baird

    Big lots is ok with visible ink and piercings as long as it’s not offensive. Also colored hair is ok if your not a manager.

  63. Amanda Baird

    @Jordyn yes colored hair and tats are ok. Been there 9 yrs and have been adding the whole time. I have wrist tattoos and never had a problem at my store anyways.

  64. Yael

    Winn-Dixie stores allows visible tattoos that are non-offensive, and on the arms/wrists only. No other tattooed locations may be visible.

  65. Sierra

    It’s discriminating to not allow workers to be themselves. Their hair, tattoos, and piercings make them who they are.

  66. Paige

    At the McDonald’s I work at we are allowed to have visible tattoos as long as we request a cover up sleeve.

  67. kali

    speedway has a no facial piercing, only one earlobe piercing per ear, no unnatural hair policy and OK for unoffensive tattoos I believe.

  68. Anonymous

    Sheetz allows tattoos, or at least the one I’m working at does as long as they aren’t offensive lol!

  69. Bobbie

    Frontier Airlines will not hire flight attendants with tattoos “Shoulders to fingertips, neck or chest areas, behind ears, mid thigh to toes (women).” I’m fairly certain that Spirit will also not hire flight attendants with visible tattoos. It’s because of restrictions such as these that I got my 9 tattoos in places where they can easily be covered up: i.e., upper arms, chest, back, thighs.

    It’s ironic that Six Flags won’t hire applicants with visible tattoos insofar as their CEO, Jim Reid-Anderson, has tattoos which are clearly visible in the promo video he did for the chain’s new for 2018 attractions.

    1. Author


      Yes, sometimes the policies in place are hard to explain since art is subjective. Thanks for sharing!


  70. Eva

    Jasons deli. Is not alowwed to show tatoo. Said we need to cover up ? .

  71. Stephanie

    Planet Fitness does not allow visible tattoos. I had to wear long sleeves to cover to small ones on my wrists

  72. Maggie

    Knott’s Berry Farm/Cedar Fair Amusement Parks allow “non offensive” tattoos, but no extreme hair colors/styles. Also say no extreme make up or nail polish.

  73. Navyvet

    I just want to say the U.S. Navy exists, with the BEST tattoo policy and you left them out. I’m disappointed.

  74. Heather

    Dunkin Donuts no graphic per corp. Zero piercings due corp health regs.

  75. Clifford Tinker

    Olive garden allows tattoos, just none on the face. They also allow one facial piercing and any number of earrings. I work there, have a forarm tattoo, 12 earrings and a lip ring.

  76. Sarah

    Alaska Airlines-work there and have a sleeve I have to cover. Could possibly change with new uniforms in Q42019

  77. Lee

    Most Libraries are a great place to be inked. The Profession largely allows for freedom of expression in most things.
    There are still issues with facial tatts and piercings but thats usually only from a “dealing with older patrons perspective”.
    Our Assistant Director has visible neck tatts… and we are in Southern Louisiana!

  78. Pam

    Anyone know of places that hire with 2 very small face tats next to the eye?

    1. Author

      Great question, hopefully someone in this group will have an answer.

  79. Kyu

    I was a supervisor at sheetz up until a couple months ago, visible tattoos are ok now as long as they’re appropriate and non offensive 🙂

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