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Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoos – Like or Dislike?

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A Netherlands woman went all out by tattooing 152 of her closest Facebook friends (with their permission) on her arm. You can find the video which documents the process on her YouTube channel.

In her video she tells viewers that she had given the tattoo a lot of thought and that it represents who she is and the time we live in. The video is receiving a lot of attention. Since being uploaded on May 30th, it already has 849,607 views.

Unfortunately according to the comments much of the attention is not from admirers, but rather from people wondering.why someone would do that.

So what do you think? Is getting a social tattoo of your Facebook friends any worse than a tattoo with a soon-to-be exs name?
UPDATE: The Facebook Sleeve Tattoo was a Marketing Hoax

Tattoo Hoax

Facebook Tattoo Hoax

Our readers are absolutely correct. Turns out the Facebook tattoo sleeve was a marketing stunt for a website that makes personalized products decorated with the profile pictures of peoples Facebook Friends. Not bad from a marketing perspective given the video was viewed more than 1.5 million times! You can read more here.

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Would you consider a Facebook related tattoo?

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