Employers OK With Tattoos

Tattoo Friendly Jobs

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Tattoo Friendly Jobs

Tattoo Friendly Jobs

The following is a list of tattoo friendly employers that we’ve put together for anyone looking for a tattoo friendly environment.  We will be combing the Internet and keeping our eyes and ears open for all of the companies that do not have a problem with tattoos and posting the links and information here.

We will do everything we can to make sure the information listed here is accurate, but we can’t guarantee it. If you know of a company not listed, let us know about it.  

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Banking/Finance Jobs

Education Jobs

Food/Restaurant Jobs

Retail Jobs

Technical Jobs

Other Jobs

Is Your Workplace Tattoo Friendly? Let us know and we’ll list it.


  1. rebecca

    My mother works at Wal-Mart and according to their employee handbook tattoos are ‘an offensive against customers’ so not so friendly ‘officially’ though you see many employed wal-Mart associates with tattoos so not sure if management just ignores that archaic b.s. in the handbook or what.

    1. Mark

      I was a member of management at Walmart and I’ve got everything including my face tattooed and they were really okay with it. Although some higher ups that are still closed minded were rude to me even as a leading team member of theirs. Never saw the policy book on tats but I was never asked to cover mine and was brought inboard with my face already inked.

      1. Trip

        Yes, the policy does vary quite a bit between stores and even between managers. We’re glad their cool with your ink.

  2. Brenna lee

    Bank of America lies about their tat policy, It depends on the market the manager and the area. So tats might be ok in one, then you transfer and tinkerbell has gotta go. Or your manager changes etc. Total f-ing lie. Diversity & Inclusion my arse. Their policy states that you need to cover only offensive, distracting or obscene tats.. But I’m being forced to cover a butterfly that is about an inch and half big.

  3. Granny

    I work at Macy’s and I was told by the hiring manager that they are cool with tatts, I have hipster wonder woman on one arm and a gopher giving flowers to an elf on the other, the manager saw them and said I had to cover them. But some get away with it. Guess its whomever the manager pets are.

  4. Christopher

    I currently for for cvs pharmacy as a shift manager. I am forced to cover my tattoos due to my district manager thinking that tattoos are unprofessional. I was hired with them but yet i still am forced to cover them if i want to keep my job. Cvs is not tattoo friendly.

  5. mancy

    Go Daddy is tattoo friendly! even very high up corporate people have tattoos, they are very accepting

    1. Author


      That’s great to hear! Thanks for letting us know… I’m pretty sure we host this site through GoDaddy:)

  6. wes

    olive garden is friendly for most tattoos and most areas of the body they are even ok with a certain number of facial piercings

    1. Author

      Thanks for the update! We’ve added Olive Garden to the lineup…

  7. Thomas

    I work as an assistant department manager at The Fresh Market and they are tattoo friendly as long as they are not offensive.

  8. Austin Kilby

    Lowe’s Home Improvement including it’s corporate offices allow freedom of expression in the sense of visible tattoos and piercings as long as the material is not offensive (ex. curse words or sexual/drug related).

    Lowe’s feels that by denying you employment based on body jewelry or tattoos is discrimination, and in case people didn’t know Lowe’s is very successful and is a “Fortune 500 Company”, with stores in the U.S., Mexico and Canada as well as it’s partial ownership of a chain of hardware stores known as Master’s in Australia, so i don’t think tattoos and piercings are really effecting business too much for them.

  9. Dusty

    These may be region specific

    I worked at Olive Garden in Tennessee and they would not allow tattoos on their servers, not even big ear rings for girls.

    But in the southeast most people take the bible as literal fact and see tattoos as an insult to their god.

    1. Author

      I think you’re right… Policy seems to vary depending on the region and even the manager at each location. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Amanda

    Claire’s loves people with crazy style! Colored hair, tats, piercings, they love as long as you look trendy and tats aren’t offensive in nature.

  11. Kyle

    Domino’s is not 100% tattoo friendly. If it is on the face, neck, or hand/arm. It’s not ok. They say “if it’s not offensive than it’s ok” but apparently my wedding date is offensive to the franchiser in my area because he’s bucking the general manager about hiring me. So be careful with Domino’s Pizza.

    1. Author

      Wow, good luck… I know these corporate policies can vary quite a bit depending on your location and unfortunately… your manager.

  12. Dusty

    Guys, I just got hired at Applebees. The managers told me that Applebees does not have any rules against tattoos.

    I believe them because I have a tattoo across my face.

  13. Amber

    For anyone’s reference, cotton patch cafe allows piercings as long as they are clear on the face, and the septum is turned so the customers can’t see. Hair has to be natural, but bright red is allowed

  14. KK

    Earthbound Trading Company is very accepting, i have a few on my arms, the manager was covered, many of my coworkers were as well. Almost every employee i met had something visible tattoo or piercing or body mod

  15. Jessica

    Starbucks changed their policy last year to allow visible tattoos. I was finally able to get the one I wanted on my wrist after the policy changed, and there was never any problem with it. 🙂

    1. Author

      Jessica, That’s good news… we’ll add them to the list above. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Walmart policy varies between stores and managers. However, the official policy is small tattoos are allowed as long as they don’t contain profanity or nudity or are offensive. The back of your neck might be OK but again it all depends on how your manager enforces the rules. Good luck!

  16. Dusty

    I had an interview at walmart with two neck tattoos and a big red tattoo across my face. So far they didn’t seem to mind.

  17. Dyan

    Wow! Great list! Im a girl and I have major neck tats, full sleeves, and knuckle tats…this reeeeaaaaallly helps! Thanx!

  18. Tattooed rock climber

    I work at REI. They have a policy of no offensive tattoos I guess if you had an offensive tattoo in a hard-to-cover place, that’s really on you. But at my location half the staff has extensive tattoos, including management, and they’re also cool with my facial piercings.

  19. Andy

    This help’s Me sooo much I have full sleeves and I am finishing my full throat next week. And I am really needing something that lays really well so I can go back go school.

    Thank you !!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the positive comments! We love body art and want to keep supporting it.

  20. Selena Villegas

    I work at St. Vincent DePaul, it’s pretty open to tattoos, Some of the employees , including myself, have some.

  21. Michael

    No no, and no. Take that up with corporate if Macy’s is hassling you about them. The only reason they are allowed to ask you to cover them is if they are offensive, etc. The whole reason behind the damn logo was because Mr. Macy had a red star as a tattoo from when he was a sailor. The guy was so for individuality and self expression that he made it a thing no one would be denied for tats. And piercings are all ok as long as they arent in excess, which i can see varying by managers.
    But if a manager is telling you to cover up a tat that doesnt break the guidelines, call corporate on that sh**. They are known for their amazing tat policy

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